Echoes And Dust

~ Friday, May 4 ~

Mary Epworth has been around music as long as she can remember. Whether joining her father as a young child to take part in Gypsy music workshops; a figurative experience which resonates to this day with the concept of ‘duende’ running through her approach to composition, sharing her elder brother’s heavy metal phase as a young teenager; favourite bands Saxon and Queensryche, or finding her true love in 60’s West Coast psychedelia, the 70’s Beach Boys and traditional English song, Mary Epworth has always been destined for a life in music.

Her debut album, ‘Dream Life’, is fast becoming one of the most talked about underground releases of the year. As the single, ‘Black Doe’ took up root on 6 Music, Radio One and Radio Two and early reviews of the album from the likes of Shindig (‘Mary’s timeless songs and pure but resolute voice somehow sound as though they have been there all the time’) and Record Collector (‘a work of bracing originality and immense subtlety’) earmarked Mary as a name to watch for 2012, MOJO recently added their approval characterising ‘Dream Life’ as ‘a warm, yearning love letter’ in a MOJO Rising feature suggesting Mary for great things.